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Consulting for Individual and/or Family Support ,
Individualized Support Design for Inter-dependence,
Staff  training to use the Marquette Strength and Career Index with Students and Clients,

To See A Video Endorsement for the Capability Approach Evaluation

by a parent of a 17 year old son with significant autism



 Endorsement by a VR Counselor

“Jackie Marquette’s Capability Approach Evaluation has been an invaluable tool in assessing some of my consumers’ strengths and capabilities, particularly those on the autism spectrum. The assessment helps all interested parties in the vocational rehabilitation process (consumers, parents/guardians, VR counselors, and other support people) understand the consumer’s independent level of functioning vs. what they are capable of achieving with all the necessary supports.”

Kelli Marin, M.Ed., MRC, CRC

KY Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Lexington, KY

Partners and Fans of Marquette’s Capability Approach