The Capability Approach

The Capability Approach

ASD Well-Being and the Power of Using and Developing Strengths

A strength or gift can:

1) be as powerful as any therapy, drug alternative, or medicine

2) become the fuel that launches him into joy, delight, and purpose

3) be the medicine that heals or lessens the challenges of ASD

4)  connect a person to associations and friendships because that is what a gift does

5) take her to new heights and purpose while affirming value to the world

6) produce positive outcomes in others, such as enjoyment or a lift in mood 7) be empowering to and give hope for others to get through challenges

7) reveal the essence of a person’s personality and purpose during the act of doing or self-expression.

The real gift is the change in our perceptions:

*When emphasizing gifts, our focus is shifted away from the label of autism or other disability.

*When wee notice the person’s gift, we are noticing his capability, not the limitations of the disability.

I offer you this excerpt from, “Becoming Remarkably Able: Walking the Path to Talents, Interests, and Personal Growth (p. 77). Published in 2007 by Autism Asperger’s Publishing Company

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