“Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette addresses both the strengths and the social deficiencies of people with Aspergers. I like that. These strengths can be developed into winning attributes. Teens and young adults in our community are fortunate that she will be working here.”

Peter Tanguay, M.D.”

Interim Director of the University of Louisville Autism Center at Kosair Charities

 Jackie provides the blueprint for parents and professionals to move away from a deficit orientation to a celebration of the abilities and strengths of persons with autism and related disabilities. Barry Prizant, PhD., CCC-SLP, Brown University; co-author of the SCERTS Model (Social Communication)

Endorsement by a VR Counselor

“Jackie Marquette’s Capability Approach Evaluation has been an invaluable tool in assessing some of my consumers’ strengths and capabilities, particularly those on the autism spectrum. The assessment helps all interested parties in the vocational rehabilitation process (consumers, parents/guardians, VR counselors, and other support people) understand the consumer’s independent level of functioning vs. what they are capable of achieving with all the necessary supports.”

Kelli Marin, M.Ed., MRC, CRC

KY Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Lexington, KY

 “I’m very thankful for your work with our consumers. I think your assessment will really impact  ‘my consumer’s future in a big way.”

(VR Counselor, Louisville, KY) 2013


“This report is excellent! It will be very helpful for myself, the family, and job coach as my consumer transitions into the workforce and “real world”.

(VR Counselor, Louisville, KY) 2012

Watch a short video clip of one mom’s experience with the Capability Approach System  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5fA_E4YvmU

Parent of 18 year old son with ASD

“My name is Melanie Tyner Wilson and I am the parent of a young man with Autism as well as a recent client of Dr. Marquette.

Dr. Marquette administered the CAIS assessment on my son and I found it to be one of the most comprehensive tools for future planning that I have come in contact with. Previously other assessments were not good matches for my son’s needs and I felt the information was either invalid or not helpful.”

“The CAIS provides an opportunity to individualize a person’s strengths, abilities and needs. Transition to adulthood in a young person’s life requires a critical look at where they have come from and where they want to go while incorporating strengths and needs. A young person with a disability requires the same process. The CAIS recognizes current ability while acknowledging needs.”

“I highly recommend this assessment to help consumers and families determine “next steps” in the transition journey.”

Parent of 17 year old son with autism

“I realize this has been in the back of my mind for at least the past 18 months or so. I knew what the vision was, I just didn’t have a clue about pulling it all together. This is like a roadmap designed just for my son.” Owensboro Parent of 17 year old son with autism.

Parent of 28 year old son with Aspergers

“I think the BCS will enable my son, but the key factor is finding the supports and getting them into place. I think his vocational skills can be developed with the BCS.Without the supports, I don’t think he would ever be able to set and attain goals other than those he has a strong interest in.”

Comments of (VR  Counselor)

“Goals suggested were accurate in that they are appropriate and realistic.

I have recommended this service to other counselors.

Jackie did a great job of assessing his strengths sand weaknesses and putting it together in a cohesive report.

Really appreciate the feedback on independent living… couldn’t agree more.”

Social Worker’s Comments (young adult receiving Capability Approach).

“I hope you are able to continue these assessments Without it, _______(name) would still be floundering about direction resources, or support. “

Teacher comments of 17 year old student with autism

“The student is dependent on people working with him to understand him. He will be more adaptable.

Needing opportunities to experience the community is crucial. It is not occurring because they fear unpredictable behavior.

BCS are needed because he has a difficult time self-regulating.

He will require 24/7 support.

The staff is missing the big picture, this report will help them see.

Assessment will open many doors and shed light on what he needs.”

Parents of 21 year old son with autism

“I think the BCS will enable my son, but the key factor is finding the supports and getting them into place. I think his vocational skills can be developed with the BCS.

Without the supports, I don’t think he would ever be able to set and attain goals other than those he has a strong interest in.”

Parent of 26 year old young adults with Autism

“Jackie Marquette was an answer to our prayers. She understood what we were going through.

She was able to put things into a positive light and help us make a plan to help our son through a very difficult situation. We are grateful for her help.  Our son is feeling much better about himself thanks to Jackie.”  Cavanah Family

A parent of a son with autism

“Once again, you are truly an inspiration to all warrior mom’s and dad’s under you…I thank you for paving the way for us!”   Kersten Roja

A parent of son with autism

“Jackie Marquette is an expert in teen and adult issues concerning people with autism. Her expertise has enabled many to effective options for their children living with ASD. I would recommend Jackie under any and all circumstances.  Jim Donnelly. 
Director, Autism Live.”

A parent of son with autism

“Your workshop gave me so much to think about for my son’s future.” L. Phan, therapist, son with autism.

Partners and Endorsors for Marquette’s Capability Approach

Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville, Corporation
P. O. Box 5207
Louisville, KY 40255
(502) 408-1847


Lexington, KY


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