Research Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Jackie’s Research Interests

*Using the Capability Approach: Creating Life Options for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

*Recognition of Capability Levels with Broad Creative Supports

*Maximizing Family Functioning during Crisis and School Transition

*Building Internal Sense of Self in Everyday living: Autism and Developmental Disability

*Managing Social Barriers: Teens and Young Adults

*Full Community Inclusion for All Levels of Disability

*Narrowing the Gaps School to Positive Transition Outcomes

*Maximizing Outcomes in School Transition

*Moving into Community Living with Broad Creative Supports

*Creating Community Living: Involving All Stakeholders

*Managing Parental Emotional Trauma of Letting Go when Young Adults Leave the Family Home

*Cultural Competency within Health Care System: Autism and Developmental Disability

*Social Issues and Disability

*Advocates for Broad Public Policy

*Disability Roles: Autism and Developmental Disability

*Models of Disability and Public Policy