CA Training to Service Providers and School Staff

CA Training to Service Providers and School Staff

Topic: Turn Problems to Solutions by Applying the Capability Approach for Individuals with ASD

One Day Training

The Capability Approach Scale (CAS) is a modified tool based upon the Capability and Independence Scale (CAIS) used for vocational and life skill assessment. The CAS can be used in daily practice for determining ASD challenges, environmental barriers, and supports to better serving individuals with ASD. The provider working daily with individuals who have autism will find this tool to be user-friendly, helpful, and practical.

The service providers who may benefit from using this tool include: employment specialists, providers in Supports for Community Living (a Medicaid waiver), as well as Community Living Support (CLS) workers (Michele P. Waivers in KY). Equally important, school staff who seek to better prepare students with autism for school transition will also benefit in receiving this training.

At the conclusion of this training,  participants will be certified as a Capability Approach Provider (CAP). This will enable them to use the Capability Approach Service (CAS) with students and clients. 

Obj: To use the Capability Approach Scale (CAS), a modified CAIS tool, to evaluate challenges and barriers, then combined with the Broad Creative Support system (BCS) to increase predictability in the student/client’s daily life, goals, motivation to learn new skills, and to reach higher adaptive capacity levels.

Training Topics:

Identifying hidden and known ASD challenges.

Identifying hidden and known ASD strengths.

Determine Broad Creative Supports (BCS) to address ASD challenges.

Increase Predictability by Integrating BCS for optimum outcomes.

Writing a Capability Approach Crisis Treatment Plan (CACTP).

Noting student/client’s progress

Promoting student/client’s involvement and motivation in activities, events, employment training, vocational, and life skills training.

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