Professional Philosophy

Professional Philosophy

Within all persons there is an innate desire or a basic drive to make things happen, thus to have a voice about one’s life. White defined this as ‘effectance motive’ (1959, as cited in Haidt, 2006, p. 220). Although persons with significant disabilities to include those who are high functioning may not be able to express this desire effectively, the drive is there.

I honor this innate desire in people with autism by promoting ‘our responsibility’ to acknowledge their challenges, identify their strengths and gifts, and put in place broach creative supports.

Wolman (1973) suggested that a person’s ‘capability’ level extends beyond his ability or currently observable behavior.  He says that ‘ability’ is the idea that a person can perform a particular act; whereas, ‘capability’ is the maximum effectiveness a person can attain under optimal conditions of support. MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS UNDER OPTIMAL CONDITIONS. This tells me that we should not be holding the standard of performing at independent levels as criteria to get into employment programs or college. It does tell me  we should be measuring their capabilities with optimal supports in place. 

That is the purpose of the Capability Approach System. 

It is my honor to empower and guide to facilitate your journey using the Capability Approach. I have designed research based tools and assessments  to facilitate your son or daughter’s personal journey. There are seven areas of living to cultivate a quality of life and 35 life skill self- determination actions. The combination of broad creative supports with exposure to settings where interests, skills, and talents can be developed can transform the individual ability to increased adaptive capacity levels.

For additional information please read in Blog, USE THE CAPABILITY APPROACH. The culmination results in the individual reaching a positive self-image, social belonging, and higher adaptive capacities.

Don’t flounder in transition challenges without support and guidance. I am  available by appointment, in person or by phone and skype, to guide you to start your path and facilitate your son or daughter’s personal journey to increased capability levels, and personal quality of life with emotional well-being.

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