Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette’s Bio

Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette’s Bio

Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette is an autism career consultant to both professionals who provide services to individuals with autism, and young adults with parents seeking support to pursue life goals. She has a Ph.D. from University of Louisville, Foundations and Human Resource Education, with emphasis on autism and special education. Jackie serves as board member for Autism One in 2013.present.

Jackie publishes in journals and magazines Autism Science Digest, TASH Journal, Autism file, Lime Magazine, Autism Asperger’s Digest, her web site and blog: www.drjackiemarquette.com She is also the author of two books, Becoming Remarkably Able and Independence Bound. She is an independent researcher which led to creating the Capability Approach (CA) Model which also includes the Broad Creative Support System as it relates to vocation, life goals, and emotional well living.

Over the past decade, she designed the Capability Approach (CA) which includes the Capability and Independence Scale (CAIS) and the Marquette Career Index ((MCI). These tools are used in her private practice and are based upon the findings in qualitative research projects with parents, advocates, and individuals with ASD. Most importantly, these tools were based upon her experiential knowledge in creating an individualized life for her adult son in the community and in his own home.

She offers one-to-one young adult/family inter-independent living evaluations and recommendations. She also has a contract through the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation servicing students with ASD in school transition. She previously consulted to Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI),  Crisis and Prevention Institute (CPI), Fayette County School District and Kentucky Autism Training Center (KATC). She has prepared materials for system-wide training so agencies and schools can can use these progress monitoring tools with individuals with ASD.

Jackie is married to Ralph Marquette and has three adult sons, Todd, Trent who has autism and Travis. Trent Altman is 36 and has received honors in national and international artistic awards including the award winning artist of the United Nations 2012. His painting  An Abstract Garden II was chosen for a stamp to raise autism awareness around the globe. He successfully maintained employment in a Meijer retail store for 11 years 2002- 2013, rents his house from his brother Todd, and lives there with supports.


Additional Information

Please read how her philosophy evolved in her BLOG), ‘THE JOURNEY with My Son‘.  Go to this link.

Her philosophy has been impacted based upon her son Trent’s personal journey from childhood to adulthood. Trent has autism and is 35 years old. She shares personal reflections and intimate details of Trent’s childhood journey to the life he enjoys today.

The phase from school to adult living affects the entire family and the result becomes uncertainty in how your son or daughter will grow and live. For over 25 years she studied how people with disabilities achieved successful employment, community living, and a quality of life. The last 10 years she gained first hand knowledge in adult and community living struggling to establish resources for her son Trent who has autism. With all the effort, he lives in his own house with a roommate, employed at a retail store, and self employed as an award winning artist.

Through the findings by others as well as her own research, Dr. Jackie discovered insights and developed new tools that when applied have helped young adults reach higher resiliency and capability levels. Dr. Jackie is in private practice and it is her honor to help your teen or young adult and family find solutions that are highly personal to your desires, goals, and needs.

Her research interests are social issues and disability, community inclusion, and the emotional stability in youth with autism and related disabilities. To see additional research interests go to the page Dr. Jackie’s Research Interests